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Why Waste? is an organisation that aims at changing the mindsets of people towards natural resources, prevent wastage, optimise usage. We want to make every citizen conscious of the amount that they use. We come up with simple solutions to solve the Global Water Crisis. Our organisation was founded by Garvita Gulhati who was deeply impacted by the fact that 14 million litres of water left in our glasses is wasted every year, hence, started to change the mindsets of people.

Why Waste? is an initiative that aims to change the mindsets of people towards natural resources, specifically water. We work deeply on SDG 12 and 17 - to reduce consumption and production and build strong partnerships to attain our goals. The specific environmental challenge that we address is the Global Water Crisis and do so by providing very simple solutions which every single person can be a part of to make a difference. We also engage young students coming from underprivileged backgrounds specifically to solution building around water issues and have been able to support some fabulous ideas.

Our goal is that at the end of the day you start asking yourself - How much water did I save today?

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