What We Do?

Taking the #GlassHalfFull concept globally to inspire every person to save 50% of the water that was being wasted earlier.

The Urban Water Challenge - Empowering youth from low-income private schools and govt. schools across India to build solutions to solve water issues by optimising usage and preventing wastage, helping them build their own solutions.

Our book called "The Sustainability Stories" targeted to students from grades 1-5 in order to make them more conscious citizens and shape their mindsets in such a way that they are eco-friendly. Kids minds are shaped primarily at this age, hence making it key to our work.

DIY MODULES - Create a version of Why Waste? In your city and we will support you!

Restaurant Modules - how restaurants can 100% optimise water usage through simple and easily implementable solutions.

”How to save 100 litres of water everyday” - a concept that involves every person to do their bit to save some water everyday!

Water Optimisation solutions to institutions like schools, college, offices and NGO’s. (Through consultancy)

Policy change around water practices, especially in restaurants is something we are keenly working on. Changes that benefit all are ideal, and even though they might take time to collate, we make sure it is the most ideal solution possible at that point.

What all we have done till now - Our Impact

Why Waste?'s #GlassHalfFull concept has today reached millions of people across the country with our efforts being supported by India's largest restaurants association - The National Restaurants Association of India. We believe that even though our ideas are simple, they have proven to create impact beyond just what their basic purpose was-inspiring people to change their lifestyles.

We've driven the #GlassHalfFull concept to over 1,00,000 restaurants, saving 50%+ of the water that was being wasted earlier and inculcating in people a positive attitude towards water. Combined with the "How to save a100litres of water everyday"and"Restaurants module",we have saved over 200,000 litres of water. With a Global presence, we hope to build this movement into a worldwide phenomenon.

Beyond this, our work towards empowering underprivileged youth to solve problems and build solutions has impacted 200+ lives.

Media presence - reached over 2,000,000 people.

Present is several cities across India and Globally.

Our team and founder has spoken across several national platforms, schools, NGO’s and workspaces.

Our Story

  • Beginning

    Started out in July 2015 - randomly visited restaurants to explain them our concern
    Failed miserably - no restaurant wanted to even try to implement our methods
    Revamped ourselves - discovers what was wrong in our approach.

  • Hard

    Came up with the most optimum possible solution and feasible from our side.
    Visited more place - this time had some people really listen to us. Saw small success.
    Gathered about 20+ volunteers from school and got them to visit restaurants.

  • Present

    Finally after a lot of learning through our journeys, came up with the best solution.
    Today we are trying our best through several mediums to optimize the usage and prevent the wastage of water.

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Co-Founder – Why Waste? and Ecotonix

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Pranav Shikarpur

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Richa Kumar

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Akshay Kumar Kanive M

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