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Why this Bengaluru teenager looks at the glass half full

BENGALURU: Garvita Gulhati isn't a typical college-going student. For one, she doesn't have social media accounts, and second, she doesn't binge watch TV shows. Instead, the 19-year-old student from PES University is on a mission to conserve water, for which she has been going from restaurant to restaurant requesting managers to fill only half a glass of water unless otherwise requested for by the customer.

Glass half-full: how at 15, changemaker Garvita Gulhati decided to change the world, a glass of water at a time

Garvita Gulhati was in Class X, barely 15, when she came across this alarming piece of information: on an average, 14 million litres of water are wasted everyday, just through the water we leave behind in glasses in restaurants. It's a common habit that most of us hardly take notice of.

A Glass of Water, and How It Turned This Bengaluru Teen into a Global Changemaker

Small practices in our daily life, which together, lead to a larger picture, often go unnoticed. Take the example of dining out. In most restaurants, waiters fill every glass on the table and keep refilling them until we finish eating.

This 19-Year-Old Eco-Crusader Has Convinced 1000 Restaurants To Save Water Through #GlasshalfFull Drive | World Water Day

New Delhi: "Take only as much as you need! What you don't use can be given to someone else in need. Saving as much as half a glass of water makes a really huge difference if we all practice this," says an enthusiastic 19-year-old Garvita Gulhati from Bengaluru who has founded 'Why Waste?', an organisation to sensitise people about the water crisis in India and around the globe.

Restaurants body partners NGO to reduce water wastage

The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) on Wednesday said it is extending support to #GlassHalfFull initiative led by non-governmental organisation Why Waste to stop wastage of water at re

Meet the teens who're not waiting for change, they're making it happen - Times of India

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Changing lives 'Garv' se

At 18, Bengalurean Garvita Gulhati is wise beyond her years. While most of her counterparts are twiddling their thumbs and ranting on Twitter, she's fine-tuning her curriculum vitae with sharp 'change-making' skills. The young tyke has been zeroed in by the Global Youth Summit to represent India at the Summit, to be held between August 12-18 at Aarau in Switzerland.

Bengaluru: Online petition by Why Waste urges public to save water, half glass at a time

You may not need a massive campaign to raise awareness and save water. Sometimes it can be as simple as going half glass at a time. If you have never thought about how much water you have consumed at restaurants, now is probably the time you should.

Fantastic five: These teens show one is never too young to make change happen - Garvita Gulhati, Bengaluru, 19

Convinced restaurants to serve half-full glasses of water In 2015 when I was 15, there was a severe water crisis in Bengaluru. Around the same time, I learnt that 14 million litres of water are wasted every year globally because of the halfdrunk glasses of water we leave in restaurants.

At 15, Bengaluru Teen Fought To Save Water. Now, She's Going Places

Garvita Gulhati, Founder of "Why Waste?" has been invited to Zurich Switzerland as the only Indian amongst 60 changemakers aged between 18 and 23 and representing 42 countries from across the world, who received the prestigious title of 'Global Changemaker' for their efforts and solutions to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges.

NRAI joins hands with NGO Why Waste to reduce water wastage at restaurants

Read more about NRAI joins hands with NGO Why Waste to reduce water wastage at restaurants on Business Standard.

DIY generation: Every Drop Counts

'Why Waste?' is a social initiative, hoping to change the mindset of people towards the misuse of natural resources. Photo: Sandesh Ravikumar It was a school presentation on World Environment Day in 2015 highlighting the water wastage issue that made Garvita Gulhati and her classmate, Pooja Tanawade, think more deeply about the problem.

Me, The Change: These Women Changemakers Have Found Their Voice

On 7 March, in the run-up to International Women's Day, Change.org India organised an event called 'Found My Voice' to create a community of women changemakers who can draw support from each other. The event, in partnership with The Quint's 'Me, The Change' campaign, was held at Christ (Deemed to be University) in Bengaluru.

National Restaurant Association of India joins viral teenage led #GlassHalfFull movement

Restaurant body to create awareness across member restaurants with Bengaluru based teenager Garvita Gulhati who has been campaigning the #GlassHalfFullinitiative relentlessly to conserve water~ New Delhi, March 20, 2019: For celebrating World Water Day, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) - an organization representing over 1,00,000 restaurants, is extending support to the #GlassHalfFull initiative requesting restaurants to fill the [...]

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