The World Water Day event, themed ‘Leaving No One Behind’, held on 22nd March 2019 at PES University, Outer Ring Road; discussed sustainable management of freshwater and created awareness about saving more than 100 litres of water per day. The event was organised by Bangalore chapter of Global Shapers Community (An initiative of The World Economic Forum), in collaboration with Why Waste?, and the Changemakers society of PES University. 

The event was inaugurated by watering a plant by Chief Guest Mr. B G Nandakumar, IAS (R). Mr. V Krishna, HOD and Cultural Convenor, PES university co-chaired the event. Mr. CB Ramkumar and Mr. Avinash Krishnamurthy were speakers for panel discussion moderated by Sanjana K(Global Shaper). There were other sessions by Garvita(founder of WhyWaste?), Taruni Kumari from, Spoken word poet Shruti Ghosh and RJ Waste Raja. 

The Agenda of event was to influence people to use water mindfully
amplify conversation around how water can be managed so that no one is left behind. The Global Shapers Community Bangalore launched the GSB Fellowship, a six month part-time multidisciplinary programme to shape students into changemakers who will create realistic sustainable solutions for Bengaluru’s pressing issues. The Bangalore Shapers also launched the world’s first Global Digital March for Voice for the Planet(an initiative launched at Davos, WEF this year) in partnership with tech partner Watt app. Besides this, we celebrated Why Waste?’s petition- Let’s see the #GlassHalfFull victory and collaboration with National Restaurants Authority of India(NRAI) in support of making one lakh restaurants across the country, more water positive and sustainable. 

The target audience, a diverse group of 300 students, entrepreneurs, Global Shapers and members of the community, were left inspired with holistic view wanting to protect the indispensable resource i.e., water every single day! 

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